Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Advantages of Bernina Sewing Machines

Bernina Stitch Regulator

1. Quilting is much more easier with the mechanism.
2. To ensure uniform length of stitches with the presser foot.
3. Speed of sewing machine does not effect the stitches consistency.

Large color display

1. Easier to navigate menu with the touchscreen, different function of the machine can simply be accessed by pressing few buttons on the screen.

2. Can easily do the setting of stitching patterns. Stitching patterns can be resized, changed the font and color.

3. The touch screen facility can give ideas for our own embroidery design.

Stock embroidery designs

1. Others machine have less than 100 embroidery designs to choose from.

2. Bernina sewing machines have more than that, the user can even created their own design with Bernina sewing machines.

3. The existing design can also edited or combined :)

Multifunction buttons

1. Using a manual sewing machines is quite tedious, every step of sewing must be done carefully.

Bernina multifunction buttons
2. New Bernina sewing machine have buttons functions. What the user have to do is only press the button, for the setting of the sewing machine. To understand which button is supposed to be pressed, the user can refer from manual attach during the purchase.

CFL Sewing Light

1. Bernina sewing machine equipped with their own CFL sewing light. Therefore, we don't have to buy sewing lights/lamp to illuminate our working surface.

2. This feature can help the Bernina sewing machines user to work overnight to see clearly stitching design.

3. The CFL sewing light don't create any shadow, therefore the user can really concentrate on the stitches.

Thread Cutter

1. The thread cutter mechanism can easily remove the extra threads that resulted after completing a particular stitch.

2. This can be done by simply press a button, the bobbin thread and the needle will be removed simultaneously.

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