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A Sewing Machine Buyers Guide : Part 2

The sewing machines have seen a lot many changes over the years. From a simple mechanism that revolved around the loop stitching system, the sewing machines evolved to create the most sophisticated machines that have sensors which can speak about the arrangements of the components in the machine to ensure maximum precision. The intricate designs and the exactitude of the work have given these complex machines a primary position in the textile industry. Today there are mechanical sewing machines, electronic sewing machines and computerized sewing machines.

Things to be considered while buying a sewing machine:

The presence of a variety of sewing machines with additional features makes the choice a difficult one. Sewing machine reviews are the best way for identifying the machine suited to oneís requirements. The experience reflected by the other buyers in the review help a potential buyer to make an informed decision.

Some of the basic factors that are to be considered while buying the machine are mentioned below:

1. Identifying the reason behind the purchase of the sewing machine defines the speed requirement, precision and other requisites. For example, an amateur need to be on the look for a simple machine before trying out a commercial model with complex stitches as a complex machine can be intimidating preventing one from sewing.

2. The sewing machine reviews can also throw light on the various options open before him for the allotted amount. Making a wise decision of the appropriate brand can add to the enjoyment from sewing.

In short, a deep look into the features portrayed by the reviews can assist in buying a machine with the required set of features at bargain prices.

Sally Bayfield loves sewing machines and does a mean cross-stitch. Find the best sewing machine for your uses.

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A Sewing Machine Buyers Guide : Part 1

Sewing machines are one of the greatest inventions that have resulted in large scale production of high-quality clothing at a very low cost. The markets are flooded with a variety of sewing machines as one can choose. From low-end mechanical sewing machines to high-end computerized machines, one can make his pick depending on its requirement.

The low-end sewing machines are highly suited for infrequent uses at homes that do not require any extra complex designs. The most sophisticated sewing machines, on the other hand have computers that ensure precision in movement of needles besides providing user with a wide range of stitches to choose from. While some have in-built designs stored in them, others make it possible to download different patterns from Internet that helps it easier to move with trend set by the fashion industry.

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Bernina Sewing Machines

There are a variety of Bernina sewing machines that will surely capture your fancy, not because they're very affordable but because they're loaded with all the features you're looking for your Bernina.

Nevertheless, there are a few that stand out. In order for you to know which of them are worth your every penny, make sure that they have the following features:

For your sewing or quilting machine:

Bernina Stitch Regulator
This mechanism makes quilting so much easier. The presser foot makes sure that you can create uniform length of your stitches, no matter the speed of your will be.

A good example of a presser foot is the one you can find in Artista 730. It can even create zigzag stitches for you without any hassle.

Large color display
The touchscreen display allows you to navigate through the menu with ease. You can also orient yourself with the different functions of each of components of your Bernina sewing equipment by simply pressing few buttons on the screen.

You can also easily customize the various patterns in your sewing machine. You can resize them, choose the stitches you want to use, or even change the font and color.

This is a good way of coming up with your own embroidery design even if you're actually running out of your own ideas.

Stock embroidery designs
If others have only less than 100 embroidery designs to choose from, with your Bernina sewing machines you have definitely more than that. As they say, you can be as creative as you like when you have a Bernina.

You can also freely edit and combine these designs so you can create your very own Bernina embroidery or quilting design.

If you worked with manual sewing machines before, then you perfectly understand the struggle that goes with having to do everything basically on your own. You'll be the one to make some adjustments on the length and width of your stitches.

It's no wonder why you need to practice some more before you can actually perfect the craft. Bernina sewing machines, however, can relieve you with all the trouble through their multifunction buttons.

One of the most popular line of Pfaff sewing machines is the Creative Vision. As what is name implies, you can dream as much as you want and make them all come true with the help of your well-loved Creative vision model.

Unlike other sewing machines that are available in the market today, a Pfaff sewing machine is known for its simplicity and minimalist design. Thus, it does look like a real breath of fresh air right at your own home.

Yet you would be truly surprised on how you can squeeze in all of the latest technology in a very small and handy sewing machine . Perhaps it's one of the secrets of Pfaff: they can give you what you want in a very interesting and unique way.

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Bernina Sewing Machines - Should You Buy One?

Bernina sewing machines are among the best in the business. They are made in Germany and are very high quality. They are great for beginners because they are so easy to use. They are also loved by master seamstresses because the technology is amazing.

They feature sewing machines with color touch screens, access to the internet and features that are out of this world. From embroidery to basic hemming, the Bernina sewing machines are one of the best on the market today.

People who use these machines love the ease. Even for those sewing pros out there, a Bernina allows you to create more projects much faster.

You can even use this machine to sew on buttons. You just need to put the button on the garment anywhere you want it to go and you let your Bernina do the rest. The sewing machine will decide what size stitching and what size hole you need automatically. You can sit back and relax because this pretty much does all the sewing for you!

Many people love Bernina sewing machines because no matter how long you have them, they seem to last and last and last. This is important because it saves you a lot of money in the long run that you would have normally spent on replacement machines or repairs. Whether you are a novice or a natural, the Bernina brand makes it easy to create projects that you will love.

Not sure which model to get? Well first you need to determine how much you will be using it. If you are only going to utilize the machine some of the time, you won't need the most expensive one.

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Bernina 830 - A Hall of Fame Sewing Machine

If you were to start a sewing machine Hall of Fame, the first few inductees might include the Singer 221 Featherweight and perhaps a Singer 201, but ... it would definitely include a Bernina 830.

This industry and sewing proven machine has a large and dedicated following ... and more and more sewists want to join the 830 club. As a result, even though it was only produced from 1972 through 1977, it's probably more in demand today than it ever has been.

Prices unfortunately reflect this -- there's not a great supply, but there is a great demand. Expect to pay between $350 and $800 for a good used machine! The Bernina 830 is one of those rare and happy mechanical occurrences where the manufacturer simply got everything right (kind of like a 1957 Chevrolet!). These metal and mechanical marvels purr along as smoothly today as when they first left the dealer showroom.

The manuals are long out of print -- although copies are easily found on the Internet. There are online support groups as well (like I said, there's a dedicated following!)

The 830 is a sturdy mechanical machine -- no computers or chips. It offers 21 stitches -- with 15 of them being decorative. It has 5 different needle positions and you can vary the stitch width and length up to 4mm. You've also got a Five Step Buttonhole; this is the same as a four step buttonhole, with a fifth straight securing stitch down one side of the buttonhole stitching.

Controls manage the stitch length (including reverse), the stitch width, and the stitch selection (straight/zig-zag mode or decorative stitch mode). There's a dial for the 5 step buttonhole as well as selections to drop the feed dogs and to slip into a "slow speed/high torque" mode for extra punch!

Finally, there's a socket that accepts Bernina's presser foot lift arm. Nudge it with your right knee to raise the sewing foot (you can also raise it manually with the standard lift arm behind the sewing head.). To really use the knee lift properly, you should use your left foot for the foot control! This takes a tiny bit of getting-used-to, but is nice once you do so.

The 830 is a free arm machine -- although there is a sewing "table" that slides and locks onto the free arm -- that uses old style Bernina feet. These are bayonet mount feet that pop on and off incredibly easily (that's what sold me on my first Bernina). The old style foot is a little shorter than the new style.

Once you join the Bernina family, you'll find yourself in constant foot acquisition mode! There are dozens and dozens of feet -- but you can get by with only a few. Standard feet on an original 830 include Zigzag, Embroidery, Overlock, Blindstitch, Buttonhole, Small Darning, Tailor tacking, Hemmer 4mm, Pintuck (7-groove), Lap Hemmer, Zipper, and the low Shank Adaptor.

Bernina "Old Style" feet are readily available. List price tends to be $20 to $30 per foot; used feet may only be a few dollars on Ebay.

I've occasionally had bobbin woes on Bernina models -- but never on the 830 series. It simply works all the time.

The Bernina 830 is a simple machine -- but there's something special about being simple. If you're simple and easy-to-use ... then you have to be really, really good! The Bernina 830 passes this test easily -- as attested by the legion of fond owners. If you get a chance to start your own Hall of Fame, you couldn't go wrong by including the Bernina 830 as an early member!

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Machine Embroidery and Embroidery Digitizing

Machine embroidery is described as having two different techniques, of which embroidery digitizing is one of them. The other technique is more of manual means, mainly with the use of a sewing machine. The computerized or digitized technique is what is popularly being used nowadays because of the less effort and less costs involved in the process.

Manual machine embroidery mainly used in fiber arts and quilting projects. It involves the use of a sewing machine to make a design on a piece of fabric or cloth. With the introduction of the computerized embroidery process, however, the use of manual embroidery lessened and lessened. Embroidery digitizing became the primary technique in creating embroidery.

Computerized embroidery became popular for two reasons. One reason is that it lessens the amount of labor placed into the work. The computer and the digitizing software does most of the work in perfecting the design and embroidery. With this machine embroidery technique, there is less effort given and no time wasted at all. The second reason is because of the lesser cost incurred in embroidery digitizing. With manual machine embroidery, you need to have a sewing machine which should not just be any kind of sewing machine. There are machines made strictly for the purpose of embroidery, and these are the ideal machines for the job. Sewing machines are also expensive nowadays. Add to that the manual work you'll be doing, it would really seem like manual machine embroidery is as tiring as it sounds. And it really is.

With the computerized embroidery process, the embroidery digitizer will automatically produce the design you have had pre-made and inputted into the computer. With the digitizing software you're using, you can make the design by setting up the stitching patterns and arranging the settings of the colors and the threads. With the simple processes and easy instructions, it is really no wonder why computerized machine embroidery has become popular in our time.

If we are talking economics, using an embroidery digitizer will still be the better method. We can buy digitizing programs and software that won't cost us a lot of money, and still be able to produce great embroidery work. Buying a sewing machine, however, might not be a good idea especially if you are not that good in using the machine to make your embroidery project.

There are also those who just opt to buy the embroidery designs instead of making them on their own. There are machine and digitizing software manufacturers who also sell their own designs. There are already a lot of individuals and small companies making a business out of offering their digitizing services and selling their designs and patterns.

Looking at the facts and appealing to practicality, it is quite obvious that using computerized embroidery machines are better than going manual. Embroidery is also not a simple task to do, especially if your project involves a lot of stitches and patterns put together. Whether it's a small or large design or pattern, you certainly will not go wrong with embroidery digitizing.

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Bernina Aurora 440 Sewing Machine - Why It's the Best

Another excellent piece of sewing equipment is that Bernina 440 QE. It has many standard features that are found on most models of Bernina sewing machines, such as the Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR, a patented feed system that means you'll always get a perfect stitch, regardless of the sewing speed you are using. Another very handy feature is the slide speed control, which allows you to set your stitch speed by sliding it for faster or slower speeds. This allows you to focus more time on the parts that need it, and get through the parts that don't.

Known for its quality workmanship, a Bernina will often outperform such well known brands as Husqvarna, Brother, and Juki sewing machines. The simple on-screen selection of stitch pattern makes it easy to go "seamlessly" from one type of stitch to another, at the press of a button. And that ease of use is another factor in the popularity of Bernina sewing machines. They offer more than workmanship and power; they offer the ability for even a novice user to create professional designs.

Of course, if you are buying the best car, you expect to pay for that perfection. Purchasing the highest quality sewing machine is no different; you'll have to pay more to get the features that only a machine of this calibre offers. For those who know these machines, a Bernina 440 is a bargain at any price, because it makes itself indispensable for quality work.

The Bernina 440 also has optional software, BERNINA Editor Lite Software, which will allow you to make on-board modifications to a design before you being to sew it, giving you complete control of every aspect of your embroidery creations. This software comes bundled with the Bernina Embroidery module, so be sure to ask about it when you make your purchase.

A Bernina Aurora sewing machine, as you've seen, is a state of the art piece of equipment, used by masters all over the world who want the simple perfection and unique features that only Bernina uses in every machine. They are expensive, but there really aren't any competitors for the quality you can expect, without paying even more than you would for a Bernina 440.

Take the time to fully investigate a Bernina 440, and compare it to other machines, like the Bernina 830. For the money, you just aren't going to find a better deal. A Bernina 440 QE is the perfect mixture of speed performance and innovation to bring out the best you have ever sewn.

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Dealers for Bernina Sewing Machines : USA

Bits 'n Pieces
34629 W. Michigan Ave.
Wayne, MI 48184
Phone:(734) 641-4970
Fax :(734) 641-9580

Ann Silva's Sewing Center
3101 Menaul Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107
Phone: (505) 881-5253
Fax: (505) 881-3127

14760 South Robert Trail
Rosemount, MN 55068
Phone: 651-322-7071

3112 Cliff Gookin Blvd Tupelo,
Mississippi 38801
Phone: 662-842-4275
Fax: 662-842-2284

Sew in Heaven, LLC
3 Parkcliff Drive
Holiday Island, Arkansas 72631
Phone: 479-253-0770

Sew Images
4172 Piedmont Avenue in Oakland,
CA 94611

The Cotton Patch
1025 Brown Avenue
Lafayette, CA 94549
Phone: (925) 284-1177

Bernina 180 Assembly

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Bernina 801Sport Manual

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Finding Bernina Sewing Machine Repair

By David Trumble
Feb 23, 2009

Do you own a Bernina Sewing machine? If so, consider your machine a prized possession. You can be satisfied that you have the very best. Bernina Sewing Machines are not like other sewing machines. For many many years the Bernina Sewing Machine has been made in Switzerland. They are skillfully engineered. They are made with the best craftsmanship. Nothing like them is available anywhere else in the sewing machine world. They are hand assembled in their own factory in Switzerland.

Berninas are very special and require highly skilled and specialized technical service. The subtle differences make it difficult for the ordinary sewing machine technician to do a proper job of servicing. Therefore, Bernina Sewing Machine Repair is not something you want to leave to just anyone. Demand a fully certified Bernina Sewing Machine Repair Technician, and check out their experience and reputation.

Can you get repair services locally, or do you have to ship a machine to Switzerland?

You can usually find your Bernina Sewing Machine Repair Center listed in the yellow pages. Look under sewing machine repair. You might search on Yahoo or Google. Search for sewing machine repair with your zip code. Every authorized dealer will have a certified technician on site to support and service your needs.

You will find Bernina sewing machines sold and serviced in either your local authorized dealer or in Hancock Fabric Super Stores. Over six hundred independent Authorized Bernina Dealers serve the United States, mostly from larger cities. A handful of Bernina Corporate stores are situated inside Hancock Fabric Super Stores. In either case, you will find helpful sales, support, and service from Bernina experts.

What if there are no local dealers in my area? Bernina maintains a national service center in Aurora, Illinois which can provide support if you ship them your machine. The technicians are top notch, but it can be very expensive. It also takes more time than a local shop would.

It is possible to service Bernina myself?

Of course. Once you master the basics of sewing machine repair, it is very possible. You will also need access to parts, and it is wise to find a certified Bernina technician to mentor and assist when needed.

The general sewing machine repair knowledge can be learned. Check out the excellent sewing machine repair courses by David Trumble or others. These courses will enable you to do most of the Bernina Sewing Machine Repairs. This includes standard service, cleaning and oiling, and minor adjustments. Some dealers will offer periodic introductory classes to basic Bernina service as well.

Sewing machine repair parts are available through your local retail dealer or corporate store. Also, parts are available through Bernina of America if you own a Bernina dealership.

Is it possible to open my own Bernina store? Yes. Depending on the availability of territory and your qualifications, it is possible. Berninas requirements are pretty hefty. You must submit and have a detailed business plan approved by Bernina. The dealer purchase price runs about $40,000. The Bernina New Dealer Training Program must also be completed.

Finally, to service Bernina sewing machines yourself, you will need expert assistance from a certified Bernina technician. Use the technician as a mentor, teacher, and friend; but be ready to pay for his services. You will need help with diagnosis, complex repairs, and subtle adjustments from time to time.

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Linked Video : Case Study :: Bernina

Bernina (sewing machine manufacturer) needed a quick & simple solution to allow customers to use the machines while not getting caught up in the technicalities of fabric & sewing.

Bag People produced a flat-pack bag that only needed a few seams stitched before it was finished.

The result was an easy-to-complete bag that looks great, has stylish branding for Bernina & is practical for the customers.

credits to bagpeopletv

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The Advantages of Bernina Sewing Machines

Bernina Stitch Regulator

1. Quilting is much more easier with the mechanism.
2. To ensure uniform length of stitches with the presser foot.
3. Speed of sewing machine does not effect the stitches consistency.

Large color display

1. Easier to navigate menu with the touchscreen, different function of the machine can simply be accessed by pressing few buttons on the screen.

2. Can easily do the setting of stitching patterns. Stitching patterns can be resized, changed the font and color.

3. The touch screen facility can give ideas for our own embroidery design.

Stock embroidery designs

1. Others machine have less than 100 embroidery designs to choose from.

2. Bernina sewing machines have more than that, the user can even created their own design with Bernina sewing machines.

3. The existing design can also edited or combined :)

Multifunction buttons

1. Using a manual sewing machines is quite tedious, every step of sewing must be done carefully.

Bernina multifunction buttons
2. New Bernina sewing machine have buttons functions. What the user have to do is only press the button, for the setting of the sewing machine. To understand which button is supposed to be pressed, the user can refer from manual attach during the purchase.

CFL Sewing Light

1. Bernina sewing machine equipped with their own CFL sewing light. Therefore, we don't have to buy sewing lights/lamp to illuminate our working surface.

2. This feature can help the Bernina sewing machines user to work overnight to see clearly stitching design.

3. The CFL sewing light don't create any shadow, therefore the user can really concentrate on the stitches.

Thread Cutter

1. The thread cutter mechanism can easily remove the extra threads that resulted after completing a particular stitch.

2. This can be done by simply press a button, the bobbin thread and the needle will be removed simultaneously.

Technorati: Discussion about “Bernina Sewing Machines Are Loved By The Sewing Industry”

Technorati: Discussion about “Bernina Sewing Machines Are Loved By The Sewing Industry”

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Bernina Sewing Machine Introduction

Credits to Ms. Erin Bosik for posting this video in Metacafe :)

Bernina Sewing Machine Introduction - Funny blooper videos are here

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Bernina's Sewing Machines Pioneer Models

The following Bernina's Models is linked from Bernina's website at :-

Please visit the above link for more detailed information. TQ

Year : 1932
Model : 105
Description : First household sewing machine with BERNINA brand name

Year : 1938
Model : 117
Description : First BERNINA zigzag sewing machine

Year : 1945
Model : 125
Description : First BERNINA free-arm zigzag sewing machine

Year : 1954
Model : 530
Description : First BERNINA with patented attachable presser foot and function for semi-automated sewing of buttonholes

Year : 1963
Model : 730
Description : First BERNINA with patented knee-activated presser foot lifter

Year : 1971
Model : 830
Description : First BERNINA with electronic foot control – the number one model for 11 years

Year : 1982
Model : 930
Description : First BERNINA with stretch stitch function and particularly highpowered motor

Year : 1986
Model : 1130
Description : First computerised BERNINA with fully automated one-step buttonholes and embroidery pattern memory

Year : 1989
Model : 1230
Description : Model with extended memory capacity and fully automated one-step buttonholes, incl. eyelet buttonhole

Year : 1993
Model : 1630
Description : Top model: 9 mm stitch width, over 400 embroidery patterns, monograms, 5 alphabets, sewing in 16 possible directions

Year : 1998
Model : Artista 180
Description : Top model with CPS software for customised settings (Customised Pattern Selection software), optional stitch module, conversion of scanned patterns to embroidery patterns

Year : 2001
Model : Activa 145
Description : Simple compact sewing machine: computerised, individually adjustable memory for embroidery patterns, buttonhole repetition, stitch library, patchwork presser foot

Year : 2002
Model : Artista 200
Description : World’s first sewing and embroi-dery computer. Microsoft Windows operating system, CD-ROM drive, LCD display, more than 850 stitches, programmable function keys, memory function for stitch combinations and motifs

Year : 2004
Model : Aurora 440Q
Description : World’s first sewing computer with BSR system for consistent stitch lengths with variable sewing speeds – especially for quilters

Year : 2006
Model : Artista 730
Description : High-end sewing and embroidery system: standard stitches and embroidery, embroidery patterns, many automatic settings, e.g. thread cutter, touch screen, BSR system, CFL light. Optional stitching module

Year : 2009
Model : Bernina 830
Description : Experience the state of the art sewing system.

The History

Bernina Holding AG is the parent company of Fritz Gegauf AG, one of the world's five largest sewing machine manufacturers. Headquartered in Steckborn, Switzerland, the company has won a reputation for top-of-the-line sewing machines under the Bernina brand name. Bernina's daughter companies include distributors in the United States, Western Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. In addition, a worldwide network of close to 70 independent distributors brings Bernina machines to locations across South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Altogether, the company sells about 100,000 sewing, serger, and embroidering machines yearly, as well as machine accessories, software, and patterns. Bernina prides itself on machines that are known for durability and precision, and the company's market share is particularly strong in the high-end sector, with versatile, technologically advanced machines that usually cost more than twice as much as the average machine. Education is a central aspect of Bernina's customer relations strategy. The company offers its dealers regular training seminars and promotes a long-lasting educational relationship with its customers, whether through Internet tutorials or through classes offered at Bernina dealerships. Technology is another hallmark of the company's product line. The newest Bernina machines are highly computerized, operated in large part through a touch screen interface. Bernina's customers can take advantage of such features as digitalized patterns and custom pattern selection software. The company has been privately held throughout its 110-year history and is now headed by Hanspeter Ueltschi, great-grandson of the company founder.

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